Why outsource your genotyping?

Why outsource your genotyping?

Outsourcing your genotyping to Transnetyx can dramatically improve the quality and speed of your research.

Eliminates human error

Our fully automated system never has a bad day, oversleeps, or suffers from hangovers. We ensure accuracy, reliability, and repeatability, sample after sample.

Accelerates your research

With our fast, easy, and accurate genotyping, you can reallocate the time and resources you use for genotyping to your research.

Applies a superior process

Get rid of your messy primers and gels. We use only real-time PCR, a far more sensitive and accurate method for measuring and detecting transgenic, knock-out, and knock-in mutations as well as SNPs.

Reduces cage costs

Fast, accurate results help you create a more efficient animal facility with only scientifically useful animals.

Provides a valuable resource

Your expertise is research and ours is genotyping. From designing an assay for your study to consulting on results, we're always eager to help.

Builds in redundancy for accuracy

We test each allele in duplicate to ensure the accuracy of each mutation. We also run a housekeeping gene with each sample for a consistent yield of DNA.

Services for multiple species

Genotyping services available for mice, zebrafish, rats, and more.

Provides free storage

We maintain 2/3 of each sample for future testing, if needed, and store it for 6 months — free.


24 or 72 hours

Real-time PCR results, guaranteed


Just clip, ship, and click

Average order time less than 5 minutes


99.97% accuracy

Duplicate sample processing with singleplex and multiplex reactions

Free trial

See how fast, easy, and accurate we are. We'll genotype 25 samples for you absolutely free.

  • More than 25,000 (real-time PCR) assays in stock
  • More than 10,000 MGI and JAX lines available
  • Available for mice, zebrafish, rats, and more

No contract. No minimum. No obligation.

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