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Outsourced Rat Genotyping

Outsourced Rat Genotyping

Using an outsourced rat genotyping service offers a lot of benefits for your lab, from cutting down on human error to ensuring that you only have to supply cage space for the most scientifically useful animals. That means better quality research, less wasted time, and more reliable results!

Here are just a few of the many reasons you should consider using our rat genotyping services:

  • Speed up your research: Without having to allocate time and resources to rat genotyping, you can spend more time on the more important work you need to do.
  • A better process yields better results and a faster turnaround: We use real-time PCR for rat genotyping, which is a more accurate, quicker, and more sensitive method of measuring and detecting mutations.
  • Built-in redundancy ensures better accuracy: When genotyping rats, we test each allele in duplicate and also run a housekeeping gene with each sample we test to ensure a more consistent yield of DNA.
  • Get right to the research: You specialize in research, and we specialize in genotyping. We do the preliminary work that sets the stage for excellence and accurate results in your study. And we’re fast — you can have results in 24 or 72 hours once we receive samples!
  • Easy assay design: We have over 20,000 assays in stock, and if we don’t have the one you are currently working with, we will design your assay for free.
  • Spend less on cage real estate: Keeping only the most useful animals for your studies helps you run a more efficient research facility.
  • Free storage: We provide storage of ⅔ of each of your rat genotyping samples for six months free of charge, in case you should need future testing.

Fast results, trusted accuracy, and convenience — these are all reasons why it makes sense to trust Transnetyx. We offer the world’s first fully-automated genotyping system for detecting transgenic, knock-out, knock-in, SNP, and CRISPR mutations. Contact us today or request a free trial below for our rat genotyping services.