Streamlined Software
for a Simplified
Colony Management.

Accurate and efficient breeding

Accurate and efficient breeding

Create greater efficiencies by accessing, updating, and sharing your data in real time wherever and whenever.

Simple assay integration
Drag-and-drop cage management
Cloud-based data sharing between labs

At Transnetyx, we believe that the three R’s (refinement, reduction, and replacement) are key to efficient, humane research. With streamlined communication and convenient task management, our Colony software promotes efficient practices and reduces the number of non-scientifically useful animals.

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Simplified breeding data

Automate your data

Data is automatically updated via the cloud in real time. When internet access is not available, lab animal professionals can record data in offline mode — Colony will sync the data when internet access is restored. Plus, genotyping results from Transnetyx will be automatically applied to animal data as soon as they’re ready.

Reduce human error

When everyone is using the same data, there’s less room for error. The Colony software is easy to use, and provides integrated task management to help you avoid wasting time resources.

Setup with ease

Our iOS app has integrated barcode scanning to simplify racks and rooms setup and makes your animal counts simple and convenient.

Easy integration with
automated genotyping

Transnetyx Automated Genotyping users can easily order, review, and assign genotype results directly in your software. No manual entry. No messy spreadsheets.

Transnetyx Colony webinars

Get detailed insights into how Colony can help you make your lab more efficient and accurate. Take a look at the webinar series from our experts.

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Colony is always free to use, but the software works best with AMI. Try AMI, the proactive AI that monitors your colony goals, provides breeding efficiency alerts, recommends tasks, and maximizes the amount of scientifically viable animals in every cage.

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