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Transform your lab’s productivity,
efficiency, and accuracy with AMI –
Artificial Mouse Intelligence.


More science in every cage

Manage your colony more efficiently with less effort. Based on your research goals and resources, AMI will:

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Guide you to a more efficient cage footprint

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Reduce the number of animals housed over the course of your project

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Optimize your production of viable experimental subjects

AMI never sleeps

AMI will effortlessly track breeders, ages, pups, Mendelian ratios, cages, and more, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Her actionable insights will help you in two significant ways:

Save money through reduced cagesWATCH THE VIDEO
Achieve a higher ROI from existing cagesWATCH THE VIDEO

FREE 3-month trial of Transnetyx Colony with AMI

Our Colony software is always free to use, but for three months you can also take advantage of the ROI-driving power of AMI’s proactive insights. Start today, and once you see what AMI can do for your lab, you’ll love having her on your team.

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Learn more about Colony

AMI has a degree in Cagenomics – and she’s ready to become your most reliable, hardest-working, lowest-cost employee.

AMI considers every aspect of your Cagenomics at the same time, aligning your research parameters with your colony’s data and:

CageConsolidationWATCH THE VIDEO
Planning and Estimating ProjectsWATCH THE VIDEO
WATCH THE VIDEONon-ProductiveBreeder Management
Mendelian Issue ManagementWATCH THE VIDEO
Pup Loss ManagementWATCH THE VIDEO

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