The changing microbiome of your mouse colonies can be a punch in the gut for the whole lab.

New evidence suggests the gut microbiome is the missing piece of the reproducibility puzzle, and that shifting gut microbiomes can significantly alter the phenotype of your mice.

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A comprehensive dashboard to track changes

The new Transnetyx Microbiome Dashboard can help you detect microbiome shifts and manage factors that could put research outcomes at risk.

Why Transnetyx Microbiome?

Detailed, reliable results

Transnetyx leverages shallow shotgun, next-generation sequencing to provide you with substrain-level insights.

Our results, powered by the OneCodex® platform, yield best-in-class taxonomic resolution.

Analyze your samples, manage your data, and share results with your colleagues and collaborators, all within an easy-to-use online interface.

Easy submission

We’ll provide everything you need to collect and ship samples. Ordering tests is simple through Transnetyx QuickOrder.

Efficient turnaround

Receive data within 4 weeks of sample submission.

Transnetyx and One Codex have partnered to provide comprehensive microbiome analysis, from sample preparation to results. One Codex offers a best-in-class analysis platform and database for microbial genomics, as well as sequencing of human samples. Animal and human results are stored together within One Codex for seamless analysis.

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Helping the whole lab


We offer deep insights only shotgun sequencing can provide.


We provide gold-standard bioinformatics and an intuitive interface to help you easily track microbiomes and their potential impact on your work.

Animal facility

Our results can help you monitor microbiome shifts and protect research reproducibility.

We’re here to answer your questions

Our dedicated Microbiome Analysis support team is standing by to answer your questions about our service, your samples, or your results.

Transnetyx Microbiome Webinars

If you’re interested in microbiome testing, we have all the information you need to get started. Join the Transnetyx Microbiome team for an overview of our service, and learn how you can get started with our Pioneer Program. We’ll review sample collection, pricing, turnaround time, and methodology. We’ll also provide a detailed demo of our interactive, cloud-based results interface.

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Microbiome composition can have a macro impact on your research

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